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Sparkle Music
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Japanese. Korean. Thai. Chinese. All in one place!
Welcome to sparkle_music

A community for us to upload and share our music from Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese and other east asian artists.
Here there will be no sticking to just one genre of music so that there's a wide variety that everyone can pick from!

And what's best?

It's all in one place!

No seperate rotations for different nationalitys~

Of course there are a few points i'd like to get across:

1. No negative comments flaming an artist or user. General opinions with reason are accepted but don't go out of your way just to annoy the fans.

2. If you want to request some music by a select artist then just e-mail me or leave a comment somewhere. I'll try my best!~

3. Hotlinking is allowed, after all this community is for sharing music, but please some credit would be greatly appreciated.

4. If you download something, please leave a comment it feels nice to know what people think!~ ^^

5. Of course please support the artists and buy their CD's!!