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The Trax - Scorpio [Korean ver.] 
17th-Jul-2008 10:55 am

The Trax - Scorpio [Korean]
Release Date: December 17, 2004
Language: Korean
Genres: Rock
Label: SM Entertainment
File Size: 48.08MB


01 Scorpio
02 Tears (X-Japan Cover)
03 Beat Traitor
04 Knife
05 Over the Rainbow (Piano Ver.)
06 Over the Rainbow (Rock Ver.)

SB Download

Comment: Does anyone have the full japanese single? I'm desperate for it if you do; i couldn't afford to buy both singles.

The Trax's second korean single, is no disappointment. The single opens with the title song Scorpio, composed and produced by YOSHIKI of X-Japan, only then to have the second track as a cover of one of my most favourite X songs, yay! Now, having to admit that The Traxs' take on Tears is not as great as the original version, listening to Typhoons' melodic voice still makes it a wonderful and great song.

There we are, some more Trax as requested by quite a few people ^^

Okay, i'm late for my date and i can't really be bothered to think, so enjoy!
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